Dutch Ancestry Tours

Let’s plan a trip you will never forget!

Your personal Dutch Ancestry Tour will bring you to unique ancestral places, interesting musea, craft demonstrations, and fun workshops to really feel your Dutch roots. We can research your roots for you, work with an existing tree or help you do the research yourself in Dutch archives.


The route is based on those places that are of greatest interest to your family history. Ancestral houses, graveyards, routes traveled by ancestors… Haven’t got a family tree yet? We can build one for you.


Costs depend entirely on your wishes: group size, length of stay, desired outings and more. Just send us your plans and we would be happy to send you a quote without any obligation.

Family tree

Haven't got a tree yet and you would love to build one yourself? You can do so with the help of our expert genealogist at our training facility. Together you can plan your Dutch Ancestry Tour based on your results.


There are over 1300 museums in The Netherlands. We will help you pick little gems that provide great insight into the historical context your ancestors lived in. English guided tours on request.


Wouldn’t it be great to attend a life demonstration of your ancestor’s craft? We can arrange one for many old crafts like clog making, candle making, blacksmith and more.


We organize fun workshops on Dutch culture and history at our training facility. Have a go at decorating clogs, baking “speculaas”cookies or dive into the Saint Nicholas legend.


You can book your accomodation yourself based on the itinerary we send you. We would also be happy to suggest great off-the-beaten-track hotels and even book them for you. We have nice options for every budget.


We recommend hiring a car. This gives you maximum freedom to move around when visiting archives, musea and ancestral places. We can arrange for a good car rental and, if needed, a chauffeur.


Your tour is planned by our genealogist/cultural historian. She is university trained and has over 20 years of experience. Once you are here we are available 24/7 should you need any assistance.