We find it really important to respect copyrights. Authors have put a lot of energy into producing these works and deserve to be rewarded accordingly. That is why we have made every effort to respect other people's copyright and to make sure others respect ours. Not just because law demands we do so, but because it is just.

Our copyright

All text on this website, all our research and other publications and products are protected by copyright. This means that you do not have permission to copy and/or distribute in any way the contents of this site or any of the research or other products you buy from us. Of course we do not mind if you send a copy of your family history book to grandma, but if you plan to do something on a greater scale, especially when you aim to make money with it, you cannot just do so. You need to contact us first for permission.

Like an image on our site? Do not just copy it, because it may belong to a third party! Below you can read which images on this site are copyright free and which are not. If in doubt, please do contact us.

Copyright of others

All the images by George Hitchcock used on this site and in our products by means of illustration are in the public domain and therefore free of copyright. They are in the public domain because the author passed away more that 70 years ago. Moreover, we have only used low resolution, non-creative reproductions of these works that have been released by third parties under a Creative Commons licence. Such non-creative copies, also known as "slave copies", are considered to be copyright free (see also the Bridgeman vs Corel case for more details on this matter).

For all other images we hold the copyright ourselves, the work was released by the author under a Creative Commons licence or we have purchased a licence through a legal stock agency.

In the rare case that, despite these efforts from our part to respect everyone's copyright to the best of our knowledge and abilities, someone feels that we have infringed his or her copyright, we strongly advise this person to get in touch to find a suitable solution.